Saturday, 24 August 2013


wi-free has been on for a very long time and now it has been working with MTN bb data bundle plan. see the images of my snapshots below to see how the speed is great. All you nee do to get this done will be revealled after the snapshot just scroll down to get the full gist of how you too can simply configure your mtn bb plan to work seamlessly with MTN network, though with one simple problem.............

Subscribe to mtn bb plan on your sim card, create a new profile on your modem using as the APN all other settings remain the same.
go to WIFREEEEEEEE register a free account and download the wi-free software/client and install on your computer, then get a voucher from me and insert it on your software after inserting username and password. then you are good to go.
Connect your modem and start the wi-free client on your PC mske sure you are not blocking the software on the firewall and antivirus. then you will get a great speed like these once above. The only problem it has is that it disconnect at interval but you can always reconnect that should not be a problem.
I write this tutorial for all those who do not have a Multilinks modem or network around them. share the good news. Do not forget to get the voucher from me by calling OR sending email SEE WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING ABOUT WI-FREE


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