Wednesday, 17 June 2015


Over 500 towns and cities in the country are now covered by third generation networks, the Nigerian Communications Commission has said.

The Executive Vice Chairman, NCC, Dr. Eugene Juwah, said this on Wednesday at the Commonwealth Broadband Forum holding in Abuja.

Juwah, who was represented at the event by the Executive Commissioner, Stakeholder Management, NCC, Mr. Okechukwu Itanyi, said the increment in the 3G networks had come in the last five years, adding that as of 2010, 3G networks covered only 20 cities.

Third generation networks are renowned for more effective service delivery as they have higher capacity for data delivery.

Higher demand for data services has forced network operators to upgrade their networks from second generation to 3G services but most times, they approach the upgrade on city by city basis, giving priority to areas where they generate more income.

Juwah also said that in the last five years, intercity fibre laid in the country had risen from about 22,000 kilometres to over 30,000km, while Internet subscription within the period increased from 15 million to 83 million.

He said, “The catalytic role and contribution of broadband services to an economy is well documented. Some of these are its positive impact on education delivery, health care provision, energy management, security, and information dissemination.

“For Nigeria, the lack of a robust fixed network infrastructure and the need to rapidly develop the infrastructure to provide universal broadband services required a coordinated national approach.

“This led to the crafting of a National Broadband Plan covering the period 2013 to 2018. The policy and regulatory strategies for accelerated broadband infrastructure development was thus articulated, taking due cognizance of the unique conditions prevailing in the country.”

Juwah said in order to overcome the current gaps in Nigeria’s broadband infrastructure and effectively manage the challenges in its deployment and operations as well as enable the realisation of the national broadband target of 2018, adequate lessons learnt from the past and present would be leveraged upon.

This will ensure the delivery of an optimal broadband infrastructure framework and network; he said, adding that a network that was capable of providing the platform for the realisation of the set broadband penetration objectives of the country, taking the unique operating environment of Nigeria into consideration, was being implemented.

Thursday, 30 April 2015


Photographers will make money in plenty of different ways. May you become a professional or still learning photography, you will find there’s way to suit your needs to generate profits out of your hobby. This can certainly be a sideline business, a a second income or even a fulltime business in case you are really a good photographer and good in marketing likewise.

First, you will need to set some effort into do photography not only as a hobby but to earn cash out of it. You must intercourse money just as much as you love ale photography. In that way, you will end up developing your skill on this field not simply to show award-winning photographs but to have some income to aid your needs and even your family’s needs. Remember, photography is definitely an expensive hobby. Camera (specially proffesional cameras) alone is costly and exactly how much more when you need accesories like standard zoom lens, tripod, as well as others?

After setting your brain, necessary to guarantee now then is when? If you’re asking that question, it really is a good thing because that’s a signal that you needed to take action. That’s right – take ACTION. So what when you do? I have here many ways you can do and I hope you’ll remember to read them. It might be that a number of the ways won’t for you and that is okay. Each one has their preference and situation. And what functions to others probably won’t work for you personally and it is possible to acquire yet another way of doing it. My only job the following is to show you those available opportunities and up to you to view what works in your case.

1. Be unique and popular!

I was convinced that the first thing I will think are that “build a title for yourself.” However nowadays, in order to suit your needs to be known, you’ll need to be unique. That means you’ll want to go “out on the box.” Of course it is good to learn from others to start with but next, you should develop your personal style. This is a little hard today since virtually every style is already applied. But don’t give up hope. As they say, every individual is unique. Therefore almost always there is a room for you personally to do something more important. So why do we should be different? For us get noticed and become most popular. And being popular provides more opportunity to own more clients. I know that you simply know this is of more clients – this provides more chance to gain additional money.

Another way to recognition is by joing contests. If you win, thus giving another opportunity in your case to attract customers. You may start from contest in your area then there after, chances are you’ll join bigger contests. You can also join seminars, clubs, and forums online to gain in popularity.

2. Invest in skills and equipment

While it is true that even should you be still a beginner and has an easy camera, you’ll be able to still make profit photography (which I will likely be discussing down the road), you can not still compare the luxury of having better skills and equipment. So if I have you been, I’ll do my far better to save money to purchase a better camera and accesories that may also deliver higher income soon. It’s also good to obtain books about photography, attend seminars, and use a lot to develop your abilities. You might be spending a lttle bit but it is nothing whether it will lead you success in the long run.

3. Make it the state run (part tiime or fulltime) business and discover yourself a location

Unless you allow it to become official, you might not have the opportunity to obtain a bigger income. It’s also good to get a space to suit your needs to receive customers. You can do this by renting an area or you could possibly even fix an easy space in your own home. You don’t have to get a very wide space anyway. All you have to do is to own enough space for ones computer, table, cameras and accesories, and a few chairs with the clients.

Making it official also allows that you give receipts. This may run you again extra money but it provides more credibility and professionalism.

4. Do freelance jobs

Don’t be tied to the local clients visiting your place. Do some freelance jobs. Search for some jobs online. There might be some company whorrrre looking for additional photographers for just a shoot and you could join them also.

5. Make your website and Facebook fan page and/or Twitter

Almost all big companies in existence have websites and social accounts. If you don’t make your personal, you will end up left behind and you are obviously limiting yourself to own wider scope of clients. So what will you be waiting for? Make your website and upload your easiest shots to demonstrate to the whole world that which you got!

Another advantage of obtaining a website is, again, it could add more credibility and professionalism. It also offers you easier strategy for showing your sample activly works to your clients.

6. Sell your digital photos online

Finally. we are on this point. The a valuable thing about selling your photos online is you don’t need to be professional and you also don’t have to own an extremely expensive camera with a really long lens associated with it (though again, having those is surely an advantage). So where could you sell your photos on the internet and who will find them? Before answering the “where” let’s answer “who.” You know, you can find historians, teachers, scientists, artists, fellow photographers, website designers, collectors, so many out there who’re willing to spend something to obtain your photos. And where? Here are some websites where you may submit your photos available for purchase:

a. iStockphoto

b. Stockxpert

c. Fotolia

d. Crestock

e. Dreamstime

f. Bigstock

g. 123RF

h. Shutterstock

As it is possible to see you can find so different ways on how to generate income as a photographer. The opportunity is limitless. I know I did not just put a few other ways here. Once again, you need not do everything I listed here. Just find some ways that you simply think you are able to do within your situation. You can also make your individual way providing that it will earn money. So that’s all! I hope you got help. Now I leave everything to your account.

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